Life drawing and other life

Since my last post I’ve been keeping Thursday nights aside for art of some sort whether it’s screenprinting or life drawing or yesterday’s slight deviation from the theme – an evening of bunting making! We’re back into regular bunting parties now gearing up for Jess & Ben’s Wedding Mk. II.

After finishing my screenprinting course I had a few of the prints of our block that hadn’t come out so well and thought I would see if any of our neighbours wanted them rather than throwing them away, the response was so positive with lots of people asking me to do a second run – a really lovely reaction which I hadn’t anticipated! So a couple of weeks later I went back and did round two – this time a much larger batch in a much smaller timeframe but with no illness to hold me back and they came out brilliantly! A big improvement on the first lot in terms of consistency.


bloock 2


I also managed to squeeze in a one off print for my dad’s birthday card – it wasn’t perfect (code for there’s a massive black splodge in the middle) but still, he was pleased all the same! Here it is along with a photoshop Birthday card that I also made that week.




Life drawing has gone really well the past two sessions as well, on the first I went with just a pen and sketch pad andvery quickly relaxed into a style that I really liked – it felt like real progress.


On the second session I forgot my pen (doh) but having got such a feeling for working loosely with pen on the previous session I tried to take that style through into charcoal and was really pleased with how a lot of those came out too. I’m actually more used to working with charcoal but still feel like my drawing style can be quite variable so it was good to keep to a more consistent style across the two different media.




In other news I’ve recently signed up for the Anthony Nolan bone marrow register – inspired by my wonderful friend Hannah who lost her equally wonderful mum last year. It’s really easy to get signed up and for 90% of donations the procedure is no more difficult than giving blood, please do check it out and see if it’s something you might be able to do.


I had a lovely bit of post the other week from an old friend and brilliant illustrator Esther; she’s been making a feminist picture book celebrating body hair called There’s Hair Down There and very kindly sent me a couple of postcards! You can find out more about her here. We particularly enjoyed the Cold Comfort Farm envelope..




I’ll leave you with a few photos from our last trip to Garthmyl – the house is looking fantastic at the moment with all the work mum and dad are having done on it and with the garden so lush at this time of the year. Adios!


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