Screenprinting: Day 2

The second day of screenprinting was only slightly marred by feeling like death all day. Actually it was entirely marred by it, however I managed to last the whole day and am supremely glad that I did! Regardless of spending half of the day sat in the corner with my eyes closed trying to imagine I was tucked up in bed.. I created something which I am really pleased with! Four of the 8 prints came out fuzzy – apparently due to putting too much pressure on the screen, but then that’s how one learns. Plus I have the excuse of being half dead. On that note – amazingly I went to bed still feeling like death last night and woke up feeling almost completely fine! No idea what that was, I’m putting the miraculous recovery down to macaroni cheese – Nick was a complete hero last night and surprised me by making a vast vat of the tastiest macaroni cheese on earth complete with cherry tomatoes and chorizo. This regardless of the fact that he hates both pasta and cheese! What a sweetheart. Anyway, here are the prints – stage one and stage two.

IMG_6580FullSizeRender (3)

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