Not so New Year

Good evening one and all! Well it’s taken me a good three months to write my first post of the year, and with a sort of good excuse. After a few years out from writing my diary during which time I have doing this blog (albeit not very reliably) I suddenly realised mid-January this year that I wanted to write a diary entry, and once I’d started I couldn’t stop! I’ve been writing endlessly every day; it’s been really wonderful to get back into writing for myself and though the two aren’t mutually exclusive I haven’t felt such a need to write online about all that is happening in my life. I think instead I shall use this as a space to share any creative output – that is more in keeping with the rest of my website anyway!

So with that in mind what is there to catch up on from the past few months. Well first of all I have a new camera! I got it a couple of months ago and it remains incredibly exciting, a really wonderful and generous present from my parents and uncle. I’ve been using it endlessly and through it have learnt a vast amount about the manual side of photography. I’ve been trying to use it only in manual mode with the occasional foray into TV and AV. It’s amazing how much you can learn just by trial and error, but I learnt a whole lot more that I never would have figured out myself by going on a short course in photography at Central St Martins which was brilliant! Here are a few shots from the course, I don’t think they give you any inkling of the course content but you can see a little of what I was having fun with.

A little earlier this year I did a painting for my Alice after her beloved dog Lola who she has basically worshipped since the year dot died. Lola was a demi-god so I painted her and Alice as mother and child in the style of and idol painting! Here is the real Alice and Lola..

DSC01730 are the stages along the way..

..and here is the finished article!


She was pleased with it which made me enormously happy.

The only other big thing that I’ve done in these past few months is my Alphabet poster – I’ve been working on this for yonks; I think in fact my last entry gave a sneak preview! Well here it is completed and here is where you can buy it for your walls.


Now I’m off to bed, no doubt I’ll have more to show you soon as I’m off on a screen-printing course Tomorrow! Hooray!


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