Doing, doodling & Alphabet

I continued to be more than a little distracted over Summer, the year has flown by with endless dramas, Weddings and complications. But Autumn has at long last arrived and I’m feeling very good right now – things seem to have calmed to a comfortable rhythm and with it has come the time neccessary to do the things I like to do!

I made a skirt recently from some fantastic silky material I got from a charity shop years ago, it needs a bit more work to ensure the delicate fabric will resist wear and tear but I’m very happy with it – the colours and pattern are so beautiful that I needed to do very little to make a very lovely thing.

Mum has set up a daily doodle group both on Whatsapp and Via Paul on Flickr – a lovely bit of inspiration that continually reminds me to get doing. Really it’s the others on Whatsapp who are doing noteworthy and gorgeous bits of nonsense that I’d like to post but as it is a private group I think it’s best I only post a few of my own from there!

The Flickr group on the other hand is public so here are a few bits of loveliness by mum, dad and Paul – the whatsapp being so immediate and easy tends to be full of more quick silly doodles and the Flickr uploads are more like fully fledged drawings, all lovely in their own way.

All this doodling has given me the bug and I’ve started a project making an Alphabet! I’ve got to C so far but I’ll just show you A for now and the patterns I’m starting with – you can see the rest when I’ve completed the set..


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