Hen hen hen! Cluck cluck cluck!

A few weeks ago was Jess’ hen do, and what a do it was! It took me about a week to recover..

Nick and I had stumbled across an enormous bear in a charity shop in Stoke Newington and what with Jess being Jessie Bear and the hen do being animal themed we couldn’t resist inviting him. This meant a very entertaining day’s travel with him; I had a half day at work on the Friday so he came with me on the journey in to work, helped out in the office for the morning and then took the underground to Brixton where we hopped in a car with a couple of other hens and set off down to Brighton. Thankfully my friend and neighbour Rob was getting the train with me and so helped me with the many stairs at Seven Sisters!

He started the weekend as Bernard and ended it as Harold and is now very happy in his new home with Jess and Ben, though possibly much to Ben’s irritation!

We spent the weekend at Pop Up Brighton; a really beautiful camp site on the Sussex Downs where you can stay in beautiful bell tents with the option of communal tipis and fire pits (which we had and were great) or bring your own tent if you just fancy a cheap escape. The woman we dealt with was about our age and unbelievably lovely – we all had extreme girl crushes on her by the end of the weekend! Jess knew nothing of what we had planned and was in a state of complete excitement all weekend, peaking on the Saturday morning when we all dressed up in animal print and traipsed off to Wildlife festival. I’d made Jess an animal print veil (with ears) and bought her a fantastic tail: she looked the bees knees. I had also wanted to get some bunting to decorate the tents with so took the opportunity to do a practice run of animal print bunting, it came out beautifully though it may need some serious TLC after that weekend!


It feels like an age ago now as suddenly we are fast approaching their Wedding Day.

This can only mean MORE BUNTING! We’re having very regular bunting parties at the moment which are loads of fun, on Sunday we doubled up with Wedding planning AND bunting making, and the boys not only did lots of work on the bunting but also made us all Sunday Roast! It was really lovely.


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