Self portrait in green

Finally a bit of painting! I hadn’t done a self portrait in a while so I thought I’d give it a go, and inspired by Paul’s recent photos showing his painting as it progresses I took pictures at regular intervals throughout – here’s how it went:


I’m feeling pleased with the end results, usually I hate painting – I get excited about it beforehand and then once I’m painting I remember that the reason I paint so infrequently is that I find it infuriating! I can never seem to make the marks I want to, but this time something was different and it just seemed to work. Here’s the finished product.


In other news I finished reading War and Peace this week! I’ve really loved it and felt rather sad to come to the end, it’s taken me over two months so the characters felt like old friends by the end. I slightly foolishly followed it by The Midwitch Cuckoos by John Wyndham which was brilliant and gripping but over in two days – I felt I’d been robbed! I’d only just got to know the characters when the book finished! Regardless I would wholeheartedly recommend them both.


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