Brighton and crafting

A couple of weekends ago I went to visit my very beautiful friend Mags in beautiful Brighton, a lovely and long overdue catch up in one of my favourite cities. She showed me the sights – we ate sushi, walked along the beach and drank 241 cocktails for as long as my return train ticket would allow. It were marvellous!

DSC03269 DSC03273

I met a cat, and fell in love.

On the way down I drew the passengers on my train, it was such a good exercise and one which I should definitely make myself do more often but I couldn’t help feeling sheepish throughout – I’m not sure that people appreciate being drawn on the sly while they try to snooze!

Since then I’ve been mostly working on plans for Jess & Ben’s wedding (AKA potential wedding of the century). The save the dates are at the printers right now and we’ve started making bunting. GOD I love bunting! I’m sure I’ll get bored of it very quickly but right now it’s wonderful.

I also went back to life drawing last week after a bit of a hiatus,  it was quite a struggle to start with but felt very good to get back into it.

DSC03278 DSC03279

Not a wildly exciting post I know (sorry) but I hope to have more exciting news for you soon so I’ll try to make up for it! In the meantime here’s a picture from my walk to work..


…and another from my journey home. Good night!


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