Bad tidings and Malta

Sorry for going off radar, we’ve not had much time for anything recently. Last week we had some really bad news – a very dear friend of ours has had a cycling accident and is in intensive care, I won’t go into any details but it has been a real shock and he is on our minds constantly so all else has rather fallen by the wayside.

I have also now started my Samaritans training; as you are probably aware Samaritans is completely confidential so I can’t go into that other than to say that it seems to be going well so far, I’m focusing a lot of time and energy on it so I may not be able to post as regularly as I would like to but I will still write whenever I get the chance.

I haven’t been to life drawing in a while but I did manage to do a little Redbubble work over the last few weeks; I’ve designed a few new patterns which I’m really pleased with – you can see them all here.


It’s been so long since I last wrote that I haven’t even told you about our lovely long weekend in Malta! We had a really wonderful time; our first Paterson family holiday with Nick’s parents, his sister and her fiancee. The weather was wonderful as was the food and Malta itself is just beautiful. We stayed in an outrageously fancy Airbnb with a swimming pool and all the trimmings – a real treat!!

DSC00565 DSC00627 DSC00628 DSC00669 DSC00683 DSC00694 DSC00705

Also just a quick update on the lovely bird – he is still happy and healthy in Wales, in fact he is far too happy and seemingly a little reticent to leave home at all! Mum has been taking him into the garden every day but the only place he wants to fly to is back inside the kitchen!


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