Last week mostly revolved around our very sweet pigeon Princess Abramovich; he improved immensely over the course of the week learning to eat for himself and get around with ease. I am very lucky to have an office where a pigeon is welcomed by all! Each day I took him into work with me and he slept for the journey, spent the morning in his cage (a big old dog cage lined with girl talk magazines) and sat on my shoulder for the afternoon. At home I found that the budgies were very keen on him so rather than put him in a smaller cage overnight we let them share the budgie palace. Gertie was especially keen on him and went down to chatter at him regularly, only being slightly perturbed when he responded by flapping his wings and making ‘feed-me’ noises! A very confused young pigeon; Gertie is not only half his size but green.

Nick and I were undecided about how to spend the weekend and we ummed and ahhed about it for sometime before I remembered that actually we can do our own thing! Nick loves coming to Wales but hates driving and is not a happy passenger so much prefers to go for 3 days or longer, but now that I can drive I can head off to Wales for a night without dragging Nick! It was my first big solo trip and I was fairly nervous but I once I was in the car I really enjoyed it! I did have pretty good luck with traffic too, both journeys were well under four hours and no stressful moments.

I left London at 8.30 on Saturday morning, taking the lovely bird with me and we decided that it would be much easier to safely release him in the garden at Garthmyl than to try it in London so I have left him in Wales with my parents. Very sad to leave him but I think his chances are much better there and mum is doing a brilliant job of keeping me updated with photos and videos – I shall endeavour to keep you updated too!

Garthmyl was looking phenomenal – it’s a lovely time of year for flowers, the garden was blue with great swathes of bluebells and forget-me-nots. (Also check out the beautiful shepherd’s hut recently renovated by my dad – it’s a real treat!)

Our friends Appy & Susan were over from America and we had lunch with them at Garthmyl on Saturday and then at Sibdon with my Aunts and cousins on Sunday. I hadn’t been to Sibdon or seen any of them for months and it was really wonderful, constant entertainment and laughter as always!

DSC00477 DSC00480 DSC00482 DSC00487 DSC00489 DSC00503 DSC00504 DSC00527 DSC00544 DSC00549 DSC00553

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