Pigeon, carrots & Samaritans

We have had a very eventful Bank Holiday Weekend! On Saturday I went for the selection day at our local Samaritan branch; it was a really interesting day consisiting of numerous group activities and a formal interview. We were a very small group and the exercises involved talking in depth about all sorts of controversial subjects so by the end of the day it felt like we had known each other for years! The whole day – and in particular the interview – was incredibly emotional and I came out of it completely exhausted and really keen to get started. Luckily I only had two days to wait to hear whether I had been successful and I am very pleased to say that I will be starting training in the next month! It is the beginning of something which will, I hope, become a really big part of my life.

After getting the good news we spent a lovely day wandering around Islington in the sun and had a delicious celebratory Ice cream from Udderlicious. Returning home I walked up the steps from the the station and nearly trod on a half-dead-looking pigeon fledgeling! There was a swarm of people behind me coming up from the train so I picked it up and took it inside to check for injuries. It was very weak and although it looked nearly fully fledged was still making baby pigeon feed-me noises. It only has one leg but that is completely healed and a graze on it’s underside which I washed clean – when I put it in the sink it dunked it’s whole head in the water and gulped down as much water as it could muster so it must have been very dehydrated. We gave him some food which he was grateful for and kept him warm over night and I’m very happy to say that he is improving rapidly! Back in Wales we have raised young pigeons before so I had a fair idea of what to do and there is so much useful information online now too; this page was really helpful in approximating his age – when we found him on Monday he was the spit of the image for day 21. I also found a new method for feeding which has been a great success! It is basically bottle feeding but with the teet of the bottle inverted and a small hole cut in it; this allows him to put his whole beak inside the teat as it would with it’s parents’ mouth and works perfectly for complan. We’ll keep him for a week or so until he is fully fledged and then release him somewhere suitable.

Meet Princess Abramovich – or Roman for short!

photo 2(1)


photo 4(1)DSC00431photo 1(1)

I also managed to get a new design done – this is the first result of my experiments with watercolour and digital mixed media. I really like it so will be doing lots more – expect other vegetables soon!










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