Engagement and drawing

Well, all thought of productivity went out of the window last weekend after a BRILLIANT party celebrating Jess & Ben’s engagement. It was stupidly fun and we managed to bring along two excellent and very welcome gate-crashers in the form of Bella and my cousin Matt, I spent most of my Sunday napping and did no art whatsoever but I have to say – it was worth it!

Yesterday I went back to life drawing after what feels like a life time but I think is in fact only two weeks. I took a friend again – this time my cousin’s lovely girlfriend Helena; it was great fun! I still struggled initially to get into the flow with a friend there but relaxed for the final piece; it came out totally different to everything I have done before and I am SO pleased! I followed the tutor’s suggestion to use soft curved Reubenesque lines to build the body rather than the straight harsher lines which I usually go for, I also used the charcoal very gently and it produced a wholly different picture.


I’ve had lots of exciting illustration plans recently – for Redbubble and in general. I’m going to have a go at mixing media; really simple watercolour painting with digital work over the top. Tonight I got my basic watercolour work done in preparation for hours of playing around on the computer – god knows when this is going to happen as we have another busy weekend ahead of us. I have the Samaritans selection day on Saturday where I will be interviewed to see if they want me to start training, do keep all fingers and toes crossed for me!


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