Blue Ground Beetle

I have FINALLY finished my third beetle, this one seemed to take forever but hopefully was worth it, they’re starting to look like a nice collection now too.

Blue Ground Beetle

I didn’t manage to fit in life drawing this week – I was asked to do a last minute bit of photo-shop work for an upcoming feature film; quite entertaining to be involved and great experience although it was hard given the limited resources to anything fantastic and very time consuming.

A few excitements this week; the post man kept bringing me parcels! Both Nick and I got new bags by the wonderful designer Ally Capellino. She does an affordable range for the Tate which is just lovely, I got a back pack and Nick a satchel.


Our second exciting postal delivery was an ENORMOUS frame! Last year my brother brought us back a 1970s Turkish Porno poster from Istanbul and it’s been waiting for a frame for months. It was designed just prior to Turkey becoming much more conservative so originally the woman would have been nude but to suit the changing political climate they had (very badly) painted bikinis on!

As well as our poster frame we finally got our beautiful Paul Jackson WW2 paintings framed this week, I picked them up from the lovely framers Worldly Wicked and Wise in Queens Park on Thursday. Saturday morning was spent moving pictures around to fit the three new additions to our walls and they look wonderful!

DSC00361 DSC00379

The final excitement of the week was Hannah’s Wedding invitation arriving in the post! She’s very happy with it which is brilliant, we celebrated with a glass of Prosecco and a Skype with a very good old friend on Thursday evening; lovely.


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