Last week I took my lovely friend Rose life-drawing with me. We have been very close friends since we were four years old and have memories of painting together when we were very little but we hadn’t done any art together since school! It was lots of fun although not my best work, I usually go alone and so I found it a little more difficult to get into the flow of things with another pair of eyes on my drawings and I had just changed my regime at the gym so my arms were so stiff that it was hard to raise them to the easel! Still – the last drawing came out quite well. The model was completely gorgeous which I always find oddly hard to deal with – it is much easier to make your own beauty from something that is unconventionally attractive than it is to copy accurately something that is already so beautiful, I usually try too hard and end up over-working the face until they look like gargoyles! We arrived home to Nick being the ideal husband – he had made us cottage pie and was sat watching Pretty Woman! Dreamy.


Then came the lovely long Easter weekend – this year we split ourselves between Wales and Farnham so managed to see everybody! Lots of walking, eating and making merry; we came home stuffed and happy with a silly amount of chocolate to boot.

I don’t have many photos from the weekend but there are a few from the walks. One of our walks was a nine mile epic in wellington boots (not a clever move) and the other much smaller amble took us through the Leighton Redwood forest where there is a spectacular Poultry House (below) – part of the Leighton Hall estate, there’s a bit of history about it here.

DSC00294 DSC00300 DSC00324 DSC00325 DSC00332

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