Experiments with triangles

We had a VERY productive weekend! Art, friends, food and tidying plus a minor culinary nightmare.

On Saturday we managed to sort out the huge cupboard of doom in the sitting room which holds our booze, fancy glasses, my art stuff, writing equipment and all our important documents. This small victory – though incredibly boring for you – was very exciting for us! Not only does it now look beautiful and fill me with joy every time I open the door but all my art materials are much more accessible which will hopefully result in much more art.

As if to prove this point I immediately got out my lino and did a triangles lino cut! I thought that because it was such a simple print it might benefit from being printed over an interesting background so I did three different simple (for simple read crap) watercolour backgrounds and tested it out.

The first one was so awful that I threw it away; I had somehow overlooked the fact that crap backgrounds make for crap finished pieces! The second was a much nicer watercolour and made quite a pretty print and the third I gave up on and did something different with. Rather than printing on it I painted the triangles in gold – I’ve been planning to do this on a bigger scale for ages and had bought liquid gold leaf especially, it’s only a rough test version but it gives you an inkling of what I am aiming for. I also tried the lino-cut print on plain paper and it looked beautiful!

DSC00258 DSC00269DSC00273DSC00270DSC00274

I also managed to FINALLY finish my snood! This is the thing I’ve been knitting for the past year, it is ridiculous. I kept losing my knitting and losing my needles and just generally failing to do any knitting but on Saturday I joined the edges and made a wearable woolen item! Apparently it is actually a cowl not a snood but never mind. I did a very poor job at joining it up – the number of stitches didn’t add up so one side has ended up wonky but it’s not noticeable on and I’m still pretty pleased with it; after all it is my first attempt! I wore it today and nobody commented which I’m taking to mean that it doesn’t look like a dodgy bit of home knitting, which is in fact what it is.


The final excitement of the weekend came at 7pm on Sunday night when our oven decided to stop working at this stage of the proceedings:


Pretty much the worst thing imaginable when your hungry and have been preparing food for the last hour. However – perks of living in London – we managed to find a 24 hour (!) oven repair man who came round half an hour later and fixed it! I love the idea that you might call somebody at 3 in the morning to fix your oven, it seems a little absurd but we were certainly happy to use his services yesterday. Sadly by the time it was finished there was no time to cook the roast, happily that meant that we ate it this evening instead. Yum.


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