Yet again I’m apologising for failing to write a post last week – sorry! However I did have a fairly good excuse; I was in the Netherlands! Admittedly we weren’t there all week but I got a little swept away with the excitement of it all and failed to do any art. Actually that’s not entirely true, Nick posed for me but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind and it came out looking too awful to post! I’ll make up for it with an extra post soon.

Back to Holland – we went for a lovely long weekend to see our very dear friend Tom who lives in the Hague with his girlfriend Amy and two cats Bowie and Minnow. We spent two nights with them and then a final night in an airbnb in Amsterdam and the whole holiday was wonderful – we walked MILES until our feet felt bruised, ate delicious food until our bellies swelled, saw beautiful buildings and drank plenty of wine. We also went the the Escher gallery which was very inspiring – I intend to do lots more lino cuts in the coming weeks, perhaps trying geometric patterns as well as more pictoral prints.

DSC09975 DSC09980 DSC09996 DSC00006 DSC00120 DSC00127

If you are ever looking for somewhere to stay in Amsterdam you can do no better than staying with the lovely Leneke in her house in Jordaan, it was pretty idyllic and she is the perfect host.

So on Tuesday we returned to work and slipped back into normality, for once feeling refreshed from a holiday rather than exhausted. Tonight I got back to life drawing and it was brilliant! I felt as though with each drawing I was making a personal best until the last picture where I swapped from pencil to charcoal half way through and made a pigs ear of it. However, I worked it over and over and by the time my 40 minutes was up I quite liked it! I still dislike parts of it but other bits seem to work quite well, the pose itself was beautiful.


That’s about it for today; it’s well past my bedtime. I will return soon – hopefully with a lino cut!



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