Drawing and The Internet

Another life drawing session on Tuesday which went pretty well, I’d had a couple of weeks’ break due to preparing for the party and recovering from the party so it was nice to get back into it.


The 40 minute pose started off pretty tricky as I couldn’t get the proportions right but once I’d sorted that it went fairly smoothly and I managed to get quite a good likeness although the eyes aren’t quite like him.


Last week this dress blew the world’s mind; what a wonderfiul thing the internet is! I only looked at the article because I passed it twice on my facebook feed and the first time I saw a blue dress with black lace and the second time it was cream with gold lace – I was wondering why they had changed the photo! A nice and odd reminder that we see only what our brain tells us to see.


In other internet related news – check out our fantastic model Harley recreating famous shots of Cara Delevingne, another internet sensation! This has generated quite a lot of media interest as she is a real doppelganger. Its always interesting to see public opinion on things like this; for the young models it is just a fun day of dressing up!


We’ve also been helping my cousin cat sit over the last few days which is lovely! Time spent with animals is limited in London so a whole Sunday curled up with a cat was a real treat.


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