Well it’s been a very busy very fun week but first let me say SORRY for not doing my blog entry last week! What with one thing and another I didn’t have a spare moment past Wednesday though I did do quite a bit of work on my Redbubble designs early on in the week. I am half way through a few but only managed to complete one design:


We spent Wednesday preparing the flat for my Birthday party and then had some very exciting news on Thursday when my lovely sister in law and her boyfriend Ben got engaged! Thus followed an evening of bubbles and Wedding chat and a hangover the next day, very exciting times.

On Friday was the party and it was great! Lots of lovely people, lots of fun. Here are a few photos to give you a taster.

DSC09299 DSC09314 DSC09338 DSC09282 DSC09274 DSC09273

Then came a slightly hysterical day of recovery walking around London giggling with those who remained and meeting with our very good friend Elspeth who makes the MOST beautiful pots in the world! Here’s an example of her work but you can see more of her pots and lots of canoe building antics on her blog here.

10960232_1564258777179223_3866107356774834624_o DSC09377 DSC09380 DSC09462

Monday was an odd end to the weekend, we had a funeral in Folkstone for Nick’s great aunt. It was a mixed day, as these things often are – very sad but also very lovely to see that side of the family all together. We left at 6 in the morning and got home at 7 at night, exhausted.

Yesterday was my Birthday! A very lovely day indeed. I woke up to scrambled eggs and smoked salmon from my lovely husband, then went into work and was presented with the most epic cake imaginable cooked by my work mate Kim and in the afternoon as a Birthday surprise I was bundled into a cab and sent off to Holborn to see a London Fashion Week show! It was C.J. Yao and one of our models Yasmin was the only child on the runway – the star of the show!


DSC09541 DSC09513 DSC09511 DSC09477 DSC09475 I spent the evening with Nick, Jess, Ben and my cousin and his girlfriend bowling at Rowans in Finsbury Park before going out for Turkish. I came second to last in the game (a full 90 points less than the winner!!) but regardless of my failure it was a very entertaining evening!

One of Nick’s presents to me was a ceramic hula necklace by the wonderful Reiko Kaneko who is a very good friend of my very good friend’s! She makes beautiful stuff which you can see on her website here.


Jess & Ben gave me a beautiful pair of earrings made by another talented friend Catherine! You can see more of her stuff here.


That’s about everything for now but I owe you another blog entry to make up for last week so I’ll see if I can rustle up a couple of artworks and be back to show you very soon!


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