Splendour Beetle

Another beetle for you to feast your hungry eyes on! This one took WAY longer because it has a knobbly texture and metalic colour, initially I wasn’t sure if it would be as nice as the simpler and bolder jewel beetle but I love how it’s turned out. Also – what a brilliant name ‘Splendour Beetle’ is!


Life drawing was much better this week, another great model and I went in feeling happier and enjoyed it a lot more. Here it is after twenty minutes sketching proportions and then again after another 40 minutes building on it.


I thought I’d also now share with you the products of that day laser cutting in December. These were two possible designs for Hannah & Dave’s invites – I did five designs but I won’t share the other three as we don’t want to give anything away! These two are completely different from the chosen design so I think they are safe to share.

My triangles design was pretty abstract for a Wedding invitation but I loved the lace effect of the laser cut design on top of the same printed design. However this was ultimately a doomed design; the pattern was too intricate and took 6 minutes to cut out. If we times that by the average number of Wedding guests – let’s say 200 – we are looking at a design taking approximately 20 hours and costing an awful lot to produce.

The banner design was much quicker to cut but still would have been time consuming (though not impossible) to do on a larger scale. Although I am keen on it’s simplicity I think it could have been made much more exciting; I had to learn illustrator as I went along so it took me a very long time to do a very simple design.

Anyway here they are – in design form and in finished printed form.

Designs designscut

I’ll leave you with a picture of our very naughty budgie Gertie who managed to sneak into the bathroom a couple of days ago to sit on our toothbrushes and stare at her own reflection. She looks charming but it is definitely NOT allowed!



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