Life Drawing Week 4 & Kipsey’s Birthday

So on Tuesday I tried a different life drawing class – this time in Haggerston with my very good friend Rob Ellis. The model was fantastic and the class price included a delicious bowl of dahl and lots of tea and other nibbles which was GREAT, however it’s a little out of my way, they don’t have easels and the longest pose was only half an hour in comparison to the one hour pose which they now do at Candid. I think I’ll stick with Candid but I do recommend trying it anyway, it takes place in The Rose Lipman Building every Tuesday at 7pm.

I managed to get LOTS of sketches done and one longer piece and I am pretty pleased with most of them so here they are.


In other news today we celebrated my very lovely Boss Kipsey’s Birthday! It was lots of fun and left us all full up and merry. I brought in a big chocolate, amaretto and raspberry truffle cake – very tasty but pretty stodgy, you can find the recipe here.


I also made a suitably ridiculous birthday card which is still making me chuckle – let’s face it, the Spice Girls have got nothing on us.


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