Life drawing: Week 2

On Wednesday night I went life drawing again – same location, same tutor but a different model. The model was fantastic! Very relaxed and able to do long standing poses. He was stocky with a really interesting look about him including genital piercings which were an added entertainment! This time the long pose was one hour instead of 40 minutes so I was able to spend a full 20 minutes sketching the proportions before going back in with the body of the drawing. It’s amazing what a difference a couple of sessions can make – I already feel much more confident and am so pleased with the final drawing.

I’ve also been progressing with the knitting, well over half way to a finished ‘snood’! I’ve even branched out and added a strip of different coloured wool, not entirely sure whether I like it but regardless I’m enjoying the process.


More excitement – today I received in the post a big box of exciting art materials from Great Art! Canvases galore, a sketch book, fixative, liquid leaf and a photo album.. here is a picture so that you can share in my joy!


The photo album signifies me finally accepting that the partially made wedding album lying in a pile under our bed is never going to be completed. In stead of looking at it occasionally with pangs of guilt I am going to start afresh without the added work of binding it myself! Watch this space.


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