Lino and Lasers

I have had an EXCELLENT past three days. Actually the whole week has been pretty brilliant. It’s been a week of constant excessive eating which hasn’t yet finished – we are going out for lunch at Bruno’s shortly!

On Tuesday we spent the evening with two friends involved in very exciting projects recycling coffee, plastics and all sorts to make various lovely materials. You can see what they are getting up to at their blog here. Their recycled coffee is a wonderful rich brown colour reminiscent of Bakelite and has most recently been used in Rosalie Mcmillan‘s incredibly beautiful jewellery; would that I could buy it all! They stuffed us full of delicious food and sent us on our way with a goody bag to boot!


On Thursday it was Nick’s birthday and Nick, Jess and I all had the day off. We had a big cooked breakfast of scrambled egg and smoked salmon then spent the day walking around Islington, had lunch out (with pudding) and then had Jess & Ben for supper (also with pudding).
I gave Nick a Sandqvist bag and various bits of clothing for his birthday which somehow amounted to a vast pile of presents which more or less swamped him as you can see!


I also had Friday off work – Bruno and I were booked to have an induction and a one hour slot using the laser cutter at Fab Lab London. It was BRILLIANT! As you know I’ve been designing Hannah’s Wedding invitations for the last couple of months and two of the designs were laser cut. It was a great excuse to go and get involved and now we can go back any time and use the machines; for any of you who haven’t heard of Fab Labs they are popping up all over the place and they are a fantastic idea allowing anyone to access an array of exciting machines cheaply or even on occasion for free!

It was a bit of a learning curve as these things always are – one of the designs was too complex to be viable – it took 6 minutes to cut one copy which is fine if you are only doing one but with 180 designs would be a complete nightmare! The other design came out just fine, in fact they both looked lovely although a little frazzled as we didn’t get the laser intensity quite right. I had also printed the designs that didn’t need cutting so was able to show them all to Hannah yesterday and thankfully they were a success so just waiting now to hear which one they pick and what adjustments need to be made – very exciting! I spent that night drinking mulled wine and watching Elf and Frozen with the girls which was a very entertaining, very festive and an all round perfect way to spend a Friday night.

Yesterday I spent 6 HOURS lino cutting! It was exhausting and resulted in a bruised thumb and forefinger and knots all up my neck but I loved it! I’ve been meaning for some time to do a little thank you for Paul Jackson but haven’t had the time with the invitations et al, so finally yesterday I did a linocut based on that famous photo of the three spitfires flying over clouds and I will send it to him tomorrow! It’s come out a bit abstract but I’m rather pleased with it all the same.

DSC07964 DSC07967 DSC08005DSC08004

After a successful day lino-cutting Hannah appeared just at the point of printing and we had a few drinks at the flat looking over the invitations before heading out to Quiztingle – a festive quiz organised mainly by Leona which was BRILLIANT!! She always does a good quiz but I’m especially enthusiastic this time because for the first time in our pub quiz history we won!!! We were very smug. The prize was a pineapple so we were able to enjoy a sweet victory breakfast this morning. The night ended in the kind of giggling hysterics that happen constantly when you are about twelve but far less regularly in later years, I came home with my jaw aching from laughter, what fun.


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