Christmas Tree

Yesterday we put up the Christmas tree! Surprisingly tricky with only half a Christmas tree stand but after a lot of to-me to-you and numerous squawks of pain from Nick  (we got the spikey needle variety) we managed to get it upright and it now stands proudly in the corner dressed splendidly! We managed to wrap the presents too, usually we do potato print wrapping paper but this year we bought standard spotty paper and did a simple holly lino cut instead. We spent the rest of the day watching vaguely festive films and eating popcorn; an excellent Sunday.

DSC07917 DSC07918 DSC07921

Saturday was the start of Christmas for us; we went to see the ever wonderful LIPS choir for Step into Lipsmas and it was PHENOMENAL! For those of you who don’t know they are a brilliant all female feminist choir who sing everything from Ace of Bass to Iron Maiden and not only that but they sing it all beautifully.

I’m a lot closer to completion with the invites – test versions are being printed as we speak and on Friday Bruno & I are heading to Fab Lab in Bank to have a go with the laser cutter. Very exciting! I’m also planning to have at least one test Riso printed but that will most likely take place next week as it will take a fair amount of prepping.

Driving is going very well – here’s another of my classic car CDs; this one’s a little bit special: mixed by my eldest brother DJ Sandals and illustrated by my other brother Bruno!


Lastly I’ve made a couple of Firefox themes which you’re very welcome to, I like the flora patchwork.


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