Driving Test

Well I have been off radar for some time and can now finally say that I have PASSED MY DRIVING TEST! It has been a complete nightmare and probably the only thing I have ever come acrss that has made me seriously stressed to the point of tears but it is finally finished! Here’s the classic post driving test photo to prove it!

Driving Test

Although I can drive well I seem to be a very nervous driver and had got myself so worked up about it that in my final lesson before the test I drove appallingly and was certain I would fail! I had been tense all week just thinking about it so much so that the entire left side of my back and neck was intensely painful and it took four days of hot baths, shoulder massages, yoga, meditation and Twin Peaks to relax me! I even listened to an online hypnotherapy session (I am a calm, confident, competent driver) and bought rescue remedy after trawling the internet for methods to relax in preparation for the test. I think in the end what really helped was accepting that I might fail and that it wouldn’t be the end of the world and spending those days relaxing rather than going over potential problems again and again in my head. That and having the most fantastic, patient, calm driving instructor – Victor.

So I didn’t do perfectly in the test and came away with 6 minors but they were all little errors due to nerves. I finished my test and stopped in at the office with a bag of dognuts to tell my work-mates. They asked how I was planning to celebrate and I replied “by never driving again!” of course much as I wish that were so, what I really need is to start driving every day until all nerves dissapate. Right now we’re at a slight disadvantage due to not having a car but hopefully we will fix that by Christmas!

Art-wise I’m still very much taken up with Hannah’s invites. I haven’t finished one design yet and I keep thinking of new designs! They are all close to completion though (except for the one I thought of this morning) and looking good so I just need to get a move on with that. Bru has got me some samples of riso printing and the printers he got them from look wonderful and have a very useful section on how the press works and how to prepare your work which has given me food for thought.

Hopefully I’ll be able to send drafts off to Hannah soon for her to pick her favourite – then I can show you all of the other options!


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