Yet again I’ve been hopeless at updating you, this time worse than most! I have been having a very merry time though if that is any consolation. The weekend before last was a very good friend’s Wedding (two very good friends in fact); I have known Lotte since I was about 13 and she is the first of my friends of my age to get married. As expected it was emotional and completely wonderful –her wedding dress had been designed and made by her sister, the village hall had been decked out in finery by friends and family, there were lots of familiar faces from long ago and most importantly she married Matt who is just totally lovely.

DSC05136 DSC05153

I’ve done another design which I am very pleased with, it may be my favourite yet! It was requested by Alice and took rather a long time but I am pleased with it, I might even buy myself a jumper with it on!


There have been a few sales to friends which is very nice as it means I can see the finished product – here they are modeled by a couple of lovely assistants!

10553362_10152182641176829_133098084419406750_n 10599241_10152263544111088_4234726493449968230_n 10426234_10154490074405436_8296015501882882035_n

I had a very exciting (possibly only exciting to me) development at work last week as I was the guinea pig for a stand-up/sit-down desk extension! We had been looking and numerous possibilities for a while and eventually decided to try a Varidesk; it is Brilliant! I will let you know if I start noticing big health improvements, it certainly feels much better to be able to spend part of the day standing instead of being sat at the desk all day.


We had five days in London before returning to Wales for a whole week of holiday! As I write this I am lying in bed in one of the guest bedrooms in Garthmyl. Nick is fast asleep and I can hear wood pigeons (my-toe-hurts-betty-my-toe-hurts-betty) and various other birds chirruping outside the window.

It’s been a really brilliant little holiday, we have had four very jolly supper parties and caught up with lots of friends, went to Berriew show (Always very entertaining – what with the “best vegetable monster” and “best glass ornament’ competitions I could really have done a blog entry on that alone!) spent a day in Shrewsbury and went for a night by the coast.

DSC05888 DSC05818 DSC05730

Our trip to the coast was fantastic! We spent the night in Cwmtydu – a tiny cove where we used to have a caravan when I was young; it’s not on SatNav etc. and so takes a bit of guesswork to get to. The drive takes us from Newtown through very beautiful countryside to Aberystwyth and then down the coast for about 30 miles; worth going for the drive alone! We arrived at about 2 o’clock, set up our tent and went for a walk up along the coast to what we thought was the cobbledy cove but turned out to be another different cove complete with caves and rock pools. That night we went for supper in Llangrannog at the Ship Inn, which does brilliant food and amazing local Seaweed Gin!

DSC05922 DSC05935 DSC05957 DSC05974 DSC05976 DSC05968

That night wind battered the tent and it poured with rain – the nicest sounds when you are curled up snug inside the tent! We slept like logs and got up in good time the next morning to spend the day exploring on the way home. We went to Aberaeron for brunch (a breakfast butty at the harbour) then drove to Devil’s bridge where we went for a walk by the waterfalls – you have to pay £3.75 to take the route we took as it’s private land but it is well worth it.

DSC06026 DSC06040 DSC06047 DSC06050 DSC06060 DSC06076 DSC06080 DSC06095 DSC06100 DSC06105 DSC06107 DSC06111

From Devil’s bridge we drove through the Elan Valley towards Rhayader stopping at a tiny pottery in the middle of nowhere to buy a mug and then taking another detour as instructed by the potter to see the resevoirs. The whole of the Elan Valley is so stunning that we kept having to stop every ten minutes to get out of the car and have a look around! We didn’t reach Rhayadar until about 5 o’clock and stopped for a drink in the sun before heading back home to Garthmyl.


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