Swanage, Non-Wedding & Patterns

I’ve had a few lovely and odd and varied weeks, mostly happy but peppered with sad. Two weekends ago I went to Swanage along with Nick, Bruno and Julia and met with my parents there for the funeral of a wonderful family friend. The funeral was very sad but also very lovely and the evening that followed was filled with laughter and happy memories – all set against the beautiful backdrop of Swanage in the sun.

DSC04675 DSC04703

After Swanage I had a very productive day with Emily – a brilliant new friend who has been wonderful enough to offer to help me with my Dungaree designing! We took out my last attempt at a pattern and realised it wasn’t all that bad! Lots of discussions and a few adjustments which will make a great difference but most importantly it made me excited about the project again; now I just need to buy some fabric and put together my first version!

This weekend we had the very lovely Babs to stay and had a lovely and emotional and so-fun-it’s-exhausting time being merry in what would otherwise have been an odd weekend for her. The merriment culminated a spoof wedding between Babs and myself – the photo makes me smile whenever I look at it!


I’ve been experimenting with more pattern-based and abstract work on Redbubble, simple designs so far but I have all sorts of ideas. I’m especially pleased with the Flower patchwork – now available on a duvet cover as well as all the rest!


I’ve also had my first taster of the finished product – my very lovely boss ordered two ‘Lady Cow’ phone cases; one for the office phone and one for her daughter. The cases arrived yesterday and looked fantastic! Very exciting; I’ve ordered a couple of bits myself too so am looking forward to seeing them too.


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