Spots, cousins, planes

Well last time I wrote I thought I was almost recovered from the dreaded lurg, that weekend however the last remains of my heat rash became HIVES! Quite horrid – at it’s worst I was awake at 2am shaking, crying and passing time imagining how much I would rather be in extreme pain than be that itchy ever again – anything to let me get some sleep! Luckily that is all behind me now and there are only very faint scars where all the big red spots were.

That weekend other than the lack of sleep and constant itching was lovely; if I’m going to be ill anywhere it may as well be my favourite place in the world! We were back in Wales meeting cousins on my Dad’s side that I had never before met! Very jolly garden party with endless delicious food and drink – here we all are toasting the occasion and a photo to show just how spotty I was!

DSC04198 DSC04254

The garden was looking amazing and the farmyard full of beautiful young Muscovy ducks – another batch soon to arrive so I’m told. I spent a lot of the weekend ambling through the garden taking photos.

DSC04162 DSC04167DSC04141DSC04304

Since then we have had a potentially exciting development with the budgies – Gertie has started exploring the nesting box! It could mean nothing but at least there is now a chance of budgie babies – time will tell!


We have just come back from a jolly weekend in Farnham, lots of fun with Nick’s family and a lovely day at the Farnborough Airshow. The weather was so fantastic that I had to hide under an umbrella for most of the day!

DSC04516 DSC04510 DSC04494

We also had a lovely evening with Bruno & Julia last weekend during which I somehow managed to steal Bruno’s camera (it’s identical to mine). This resulted in a second evening with Bruno which was also completely lovely and inspired me to have another go at Threadless! I’ve uploaded endless T-shirt designs in the past few days, it may be that noting will come of them but it’s still fun to have a second attempt. I’ve done a few new designs specifically for it.

OK Peace

I’ve also FINALLY finished reading the Mabinogion! Absolutely brilliant – it’s given me lots of ideas for linocuts – hopefully you shall see them in due time!

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