Bristol followed by death

I have just had the MOST fantastic weekend, unfortunately it was so fantastic that it made me feel like death until around about midday today.

I was so excited about the weekend that I could barely contain myself last week. On Friday we went to see Monty Python live which was really very silly and had us laughing like loons. Elderly they may be but they’re still a damn sight more funny than I would be if you plonked me on a stage and asked me to perform.

On Saturday we were up in good time and off to Bristol, we got in at about 12.30 and made our way to St Pauls where we met up with many of my most favourite people in the world and partied until we could dance/drink/talk/stand no more. A friend of mine was DJing at what become the most fantastic Disco street party that Bristol has ever seen, after that we went for Espresso Martinis and later we ended up sat round a fire in a beautiful garden at an accidental house party – once again I dreamed of moving to Bristol.

On Sunday I woke up having lost one earring, the lens cap for my camera and my voice (all still lost). We spent all of Sunday in a sunny beer garden and managed to miss our 2.30 train home and leave five hours later getting back home to London at around 10pm.

Thus began a very strange illness! On Monday I felt like death but didn’t mind too much as I thought it was my own doing and that I’d be right as rain the next day after a good night’s sleep, I struggled through the day and went to bed early. When I got to sleep I slept for about 45 minutes during which time I had the most horrid short recurring nightmare over and over again, I woke up overheated and panicking and looked around in the dark to see all of the shadows turn into malicious shapes! This happened regularly enough for me to have to turn the light on twice in the night to stop me from freaking out. I slept very little and woke up feeling completely awful.

On Tuesday I went to work and was sent home fairly quickly, I got home, slept for 40 minutes and woke up feeling very sick. After about two hours of lying in the foetal position trying not to vomit I made myself some food and although it took me another hour to eat it, by the time I’d finished I felt more or less better!

There was much speculation as to the cause of this illness (mum: “are you sure you didn’t take something funny in Bristol?”) but I’m fairly certain we’ve figured it out! Yesterday evening I finally noticed that I was covered in heat rash – the cause of my illness was almost certainly Heat Stroke which is rather nasty and actually quite dangerous. A lesson well learnt – do not spend all weekend in direct sun drinking cider without any water. I think I will take mum’s advice and buy a hat.

As you might have guessed this exciting and dramatic few days has left me very little time for arting but I’ve had my first sale on RedBubble and have just started another design, I will show you as soon as it’s worth showing. In the meantime here are some photos from Bristol to keep you happy.


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