More Challenges

These weekly art challenges are so exciting! Two more for you; the first I did yesterday and was for Illustration Friday which is a great site with a wonderful variety of different artists submitting.

Their subject this week was BEARD! A great subject (I love beards) – here is my submission:


Another site I found is Bi-Weekly Challenge – yet another good one with some brilliant submissions. The challenge was to redesign the cover for your favourite book, I did a fairly simple design for the first book of the Cazalet Chronicles – a brilliant set of books by Elizabeth Jane Howard.


Also really enjoying the Mabinogion at the moment, my favourite story so far is Peredur son of Efrawg; a wonderful story full of the most beautiful imagery – here is a little Welsh romance for you to finish the post:

I was thinking of the lady whom best I love, and thus was she brought to my mind: I was looking upon the snow, and upon the raven, and upon the drops of the blood of the bird that was killed upon the snow. And I bethought me that her whiteness was like that of the snow, and that the blackness of her hair and her eyebrows like that of the raven, and that the two red spots upon her cheeks were like the two drops of blood.


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