Cow, Flame and Elvis

A very productive couple of days! I’m making time for art and thoroughly enjoying it! Yesterday I spent all evening working on this picture ‘Cow with earrings’ and am quite pleased with it, I can see it as a T-shirt design – maybe it’s time I got myself set up for screen printing.


I’ve also found a few sites giving regular Art challenges which is exactly what I need as I can be a little hopeless at motivating myself. The first site I found was a weekly challenge website and this weeks challenge was to create a character based on one of the elements (fire, earth, water or air) and although it didn’t really appeal I gave it a go and am very happy with the result! Ginger as I am I created a flame headed girl.


Lastly, here is a completely lovely video for you all, it’s a sound recording so you can ignore the pictures; I discovered it through 6music a few months ago and it is well worth sharing.


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