Print and Paint

For the first time in what feels like years we have had a quiet weekend! Desperately needed after the string of fun weekends we’ve had recently. Last weekend was mum’s 60th so Nick, Jess, Ben and I piled into the blue beast on Friday night and drove up to Wales arriving late in the night after many delays. The house was busy all Saturday morning with people and preparations and the at 1 o’clock guests started arriving for a fantastic garden party with endless feasting, drinking, music and SUN! Most of the extended family were there as were many friends of all different ages, it was far too much fun and I’ve spent most of this week recovering so this weekend came at the perfect time.

Nick has been doing endless ironing today and suggested beforehand that I think of something to do that will take me a couple of hours giving me the perfect excuse to do a painting! So we had a happy afternoon of ironing and painting and listening to Glastonbury on the radio, this is the result. I rather like it AND it has the added bonus that when you look at it from across the room it looks like I have two buck teeth!

DSC03775 copy

After last week’s successful print I made another based on our money plant; it’s quite a simple print and the idea will be to have various block colours or possibly collage behind it which I’ve not got round to yet, but I have printed it on a plain background and it’s looking good.

Today’s update on the park; I spotted the canada goslings and they too are now pretty big although not quite as grown up as the grey geese, they are still making sweet gosling noises even if they are almost full size. In the last two weeks the pond has been green with duckweed, it happened almost overnight and looks pretty spectacular – the birds all come out of the water wearing long green socks.

DSC03762 DSC03755 DSC03753


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