Nick is away for work at the moment, I usually spend this time doing lots of art but this time somehow I’ve been busy and haven’t managed to do any! Somehow this lack of productivity only highlights his absence so it will be all the more lovely to see him tomorrow. Over the weekend however I did print my lino cut! I love it and have already started another more abstract cut based on our money plant; as ever of course I will post it as soon as there’s anything worth seeing.

DSC03310 DSC03320

I remembered yesterday that I haven’t given you a recent update on the goslings! Those sweet little balls of fluff are sweet little fluff balls no more! In fact you may find it rather difficult to distinguish them from the adults, I can now tell you that they all look very healthy and have become pool side bullies just like their parents. There are however new additions in the park – the first lots of ducklings have appeared! Poor mother looked very nervous, probably terrified of those big old mean teenage geese.

DSC03314 DSC03312

Lastly as promised here is a section from the Mabinogion; the last line really made me chuckle and I wondered if there ever really had been a game by that name!

‘Friend,’ said Gwawl ‘will your bag ever be full?’

‘Between me and God, it will not,’ he replied ‘however much is put therein – unless a man noble with land, territory and domains gets up and treads with both feet and says “enough has been placed herein”.

‘O hero,’ said Rhiannon ‘get up right away!’

‘I’ll get up gladly,’ he replied.

He got up and put his two feet into the bag. Pwyll turned the bag so that Gwawl was head [over heels] in the bag and quickly closing the bag he tied up the strings in a knot and gave a blast on his horn. At that, his household fell on the court and seized everyone from the host that had come with Gwawl, and took each one prisoner. Pwyll threw off his rags, his old boots and the shabby garment in which he had been clad.

As each one of his host came inside, each one of them would strike a blow to the bag, and ask: ‘What is in the bag?’,  ‘A badger,’ the others would reply

They played a game like this: each one striking a blow with his foot and his staff. In such a way they made sport of the bag.

As each one came, he would ask ‘What game are you playing there?’

‘Badger-in-the-Bag.’ would be the reply.

And that was the first time Badger in the Bag was ever played.


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