Yet again I have been very poor at posting however today you get a few little bits and pieces to make up for it! I had a completely wonderful weekend – Friday night was a college reunion; a group of lovely folk I very rarely see all together (even with a few important faces missing) and Saturday saw the arrival of Babs & Dave and very entertaining drinks with my brother and cousin. Sunday was absurd – the wonderful combination of four of my most favourite and peculiar people; Babs, Dave, Palace & Sassy Dazzler. SO MUCH FUN! I’ve been exhausted all week but of course it was worth every second.

DSC03143 DSC03191 DSC03194


It’s been beautiful and sunny all week, I’ve been switching between listening to The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill and Angela Hewitt performing Bach; about as different as music can be but each perfect in their own way for hot summer days. At the moment I’m reading the Mabinogion which is just fantastic, some day soon I will post a few extracts. I’ve also been taking my knitting to work so that I can knit on my commute; I’m about one sixth of the way through making a snood and although it’s not much it is all the knitting I’ve ever done and so I am very pleased with it!


Tonight I also finally finished a lino cut I started two years ago and then forgot about! No time to print it today but here it is anyway. The tools were a present from my inlaws and are from the most beautiful art shop in the world; Cornelissen. It has barely changed for the last hundred years and is unmissable for anybody visiting London.


Lastly here is a little bit of nonsense I made this evening, it may become a T-shirt design at some point but for now it is just a bit of fun.


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