Work, Babs & Doodle.

We had a marvellous weekend; it somehow felt like a very long weekend regardless of the fact that I was working on Saturday! I very rarely work on Saturdays – I think possibly only twice in the last four years. On this occasion I was being photographer for the day – we were meeting potential new models and as our lovely photographer Joey was busy I stepped in. Lots of fun, brilliant experience and absolutely exhausting! After a day on my feet entertaining children I was really ready to go straight to bed at 6pm but as the lovely Babs was here I fought the urge with a double G&T and managed to shake myself out of it and have a very merry night. We met at the Faltering Fullback in Finsbury Park but spent most of the evening sat in our sitting room floor listening to music, watching Holy Mountain and using up odds & ends from the Drinks cupboard. For any of you who haven’t seen Holy Mountain it is the most wonderful and bizarre film – bizarre enough to disturb even Babs!

On Sunday we walked to Highbury & Islington – a completely lovely walk in the blazing sunshine. We found all sorts of interesting things and ended up at the Myddleton Arms where we rewarded ourselves with a couple of drinks and some truly excellent people watching. It was a little surreal – there was a Cross-dresser at the bar with long purple nails and a very young pug puppy, he was drinking a pint of what looked like Ribena and said it was his Birthday. Outside we were passed by the very wealthy and the very poor but nobody in between and on the other side of the road there was a squirrel doing somersaults! I didn’t manage to capture any of this but here is a shot of another squirrel we passed on our travels.


I’ve done terribly art wise – so many distractions! However I did do a nice doodle last night – I think I might turn it into a trumpet print design, I will post it when complete. I’ve been looking at selling prints online but need to do a little more research, hopefully I will be able to give you an update on this soon.


Slightly sad news from the park – we are no longer allowed to feed the ducks bread! A little bit of joy gone from my morning commute. I can understand to an extent – a lot of people take endless piles of white bread to feed to them at the weekend which can’t do them much good however the odd bit of brown bread is nothing but a good thing. Poor birds have gone from constantly being fed to having almost nothing and were all hanging out at the feeding area this morning hungrily awaiting a breakfast that will never come!


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