Yesterday I had yet ANOTHER of the best days ever! My very wonderful boss bought me a day as a Zookeeper at ZSL London Zoo for my Birthday back in February, I booked in for yesterday and it was Brilliant! So brilliant that I’m hoping to start volunteering at the Zoo but unfortunately there are no positions at the moment. Highlights included feeding the giraffes, seeing behind the scenes at the beautiful aquarium building, feeding the lemurs, cleaning up with a crew of penguins and best of all playing with my new favourites the Coatis! The Zookeeper who took us around was a guy called Mick who had worked there for 30 odd years and was the best Zookeeper ever; what an amazing job it must be.

What with the Wedding and the Zoo-keeping I’ve not done an awful lot of art but I’ve managed to do one final plant watering picture. This time I drew on the ipad; I don’t usually use it for art so it’s good practice and after the last two drawings I felt in need of a change! I used an app called Layers which allows you to use up to five layers of varying transpencies – a real pleasure to use.


Here are a few tasters of yesterday’s fun..

DSC00058 DSC00087 DSC00159 DSC00183 DSC00315 DSC00393 DSC00437 DSC00495 DSC00578

Last but not least- another bit of luck; this morning I found this beautiful five-leaved clover! Having also found 3 four-leaved clovers in the last month I figured I ought to buy a lottery ticket – keep your fingers crossed for me!


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