Version 2

I collected my Paper Cut from the framers today and it looks great! I’m looking forward to posting it just as soon as I’ve given it to the happy couple. Tomorrow we travel to Cornwall and the next day is the wedding, we are both unbelievably excited – not only is my very good friend getting married to a wonderful man but this four day weekend constitutes our holiday for the year AND it’s going to be a heat wave of sorts! Everything good, all at once. I’m taking my sketch pad and pencils and knitting so hopefully I’ll also come back with something to show for it too.

I’ve finished my second version of the commission – this one is a lot bigger than the original and a little better than the last version I think. One more to do before I move on to the next project!


I’ve potentially got another Paper Cut commission and a bit of photographic work – nothing major but some extremely useful experience all the same. I won’t be posting over the weekend so here’s another gosling shot to keep you going until Tuesday.


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