Self and Spring

I was hoping to do another plant watering drawing but I’m missing some fairly vital colours so I did a self portrait instead. I’ll try to buy some extra pencils tomorrow and get on with the commission.


I had the most fantastic weekend! Sadly I can’t share the best photos with you but here is one to show how beautiful it was. We stayed in a converted stone shed in the middle of the Brecon Beacons where we ate and drank and walked and even braved the cold and rain to swim at a local waterfall! Here is a link to the site for the bunkhouse – I would definitely recommend it.

Big progress today; I had a driving lesson with an instructor named Victor and he was BRILLIANT! The thought of driving no longer fills me with dread and so I’ve booked another lesson for Wednesday and am going to get stuck in immediately with two to three lessons a week. What a relief to finally find the right instructor! In other news Spring is in full swing at the moment and every day on my walk through Finsbury Park I pass the goslings – getting fatter and more cocky by the day. There are two types that I see regularly – standard brown geese (Greylag?) and Canadian geese, but I have a hunch that the Egyptian geese may have goslings too somewhere on the island. Here are a couple of shots from this morning; look at those lovely fluffy bums!

Image Image DSC09378

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