Take two

Well evidently I didn’t do very well with my last attempt at this blog but here we go again and to put a little more pressure on I’ve linked it up to my new website! I’m constantly mid way through a number of different projects so the website will showcase all of these and give anybody who is interested a better idea of what I can do as well as being a nice way to keep a record for myself.

This year I’ve been fairly productive – I’ll give you a very quick summary:
I recently shaved my head for charity! It’s now growing back thick (ish) and fast although I enjoyed having a shaved head so much that I’m not really sure i want it to! The page is still up for now although not for much longer; you can view it here. The response was phenomenal and we raised a whopping £1440.51 for Mind the mental health charity.
I did a six week sewing course at Ray Stitch earlier in the year which was fantastic! It was ‘an introduction to machine sewing’ which teaches you the basic functions of a sewing machine while also teaching you the main ways of finishing products; various seams, hemming, piping etc. I’m hoping to do a more advanced course later in the year but right now I need to be saving my money for other things.
I passed my theory driving test! I should have done it years ago but such is life, next step is to attempt to find a calm and friendly instructor to help me get over my slight fear of driving.
I stopped smoking – finally! I have given up many times before and went through phases of smoking much less but was easily tempted back into social smoking which is always a harder habit to break. Eventually I took somebody’s advice and bought Allen Carr’s EASYWAY and gave it a go regardless of my skepticism (and the embarrassment of being seen with a ‘self-help’ title) and it worked like magic! Quick – everybody give up immediately!

You can see my photography and get a taste of what I’ve been up to at my Flickr page here and I’m in the process of sorting out the new website so very soon you will be able to see a lot more of my work here!


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